Recycle your batteries

How it works

Our online portal allows you to easily submit a request for the collection and recycling of your batteries and quickly receive an offer for them.

Submit a request

Complete the collection request form. Your request may include a single or multiple batteries.

Receive an offer

Upon receipt of your request, our team will contact you to provide you with an offer for your battery.

Ship your batteries

Our certified partners will collect your lithium-ion batteries quickly and safely.

Batteries accepted

All lithium-ion and nickel-metal hybrid batteries are accepted in our recycling solution.
Refer to the list below to determine if your battery qualifies.
Batteries of electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid cars.
Batteries from single-use or rechargeable electronic devices (cordless power tools, cell phones, laptop computers, cameras, etc.).
Batteries from electric mobility devices (e-bikes, e-scooters, etc.).

IMPORTANT: Lead-acid batteries for internal combustion engines and nickel-cadmium batteries are not permitted